The Coping Cue Cards Discovery Deck is a deck of cards designed to help kids learn healthy coping skills. The Coping Cue Cards Discovery Deck has 40 coping skills cards with simple strategies children can use to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger.

The deck is sorted into 5 Coping Styles: Relaxation, Distraction, Movement, Processing, and Sensory. This brings order to the mountain of ideas for coping strategies that work for kids.

This deck is designed to work at both school and home.


  • With individual kids or small groups to help them identify which skills work for them, and/or find new skills to expand their strategies for coping.
  • A child could have a few cards in their desk as a visual reminder of strategies they can use.
  • The deck would be a great addition to a coping skills toolkit for a particular child, or a calm down space in a classroom.
  • The character cards can be used as a jumping off point for having kids think of other coping skills - "What would Rex do?"


  • Help kids identify which coping skills work for them
  • As a visual reminder to use a coping skill - a child could have cards on the fridge or their calm space at home
  • As a way to find new coping skills to expand their toolbox
  • The character cards are a great conversation starter "What do you think Mona would do now?"





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