Awesome Fidgets for Kids

Inside: All about fidgets - why they help, who can benefit from using them, and lots of suggested fidgets, both those that you can DIY and those you can buy.

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We all know those kids who can’t quite get settled in the classroom. They may have a hard time sitting down to get their homework done. They may be zoning off in the middle of a lesson in school. Or they may look like they are paying attention, but their mind is constantly wandering off. These kids might benefit from a fidget!

Fidgets can help kids:

  • self-regulate

  • calm down anxiety

  • pay attention and focus

  • manage stress and worry

  • channel their extra energy

  • settle restlessness

  • listen and concentrate

How do you use a fidget?

A fidget is a tool, not a toy. When introducing fidgets to kids, make sure that distinction is clear. Let them know you’ll be keeping an eye on how they’re using the fidgets.

Some examples of good times for kids to use a fidget are:

  • While listening in class

  • When they are giving a presentation

  • During a test

  • When they feel nervous or worried

  • When they’re having a hard time sitting still

Different kids respond to different fidgets. If you seem to notice that a particular type of fidget is being thrown around, and is becoming more of a distraction than a helpful tool, then it’s time to try another type of fidget.

Since kids respond in a range of ways to a variety of fidgets, I wanted to create a huge list of fidgets for you to choose from. If you’re feeling crafty, go check out the DIY fidgets. If you prefer to purchase fidgets that are ready to go, head to the fidgets to buy list. Happy fidgeting!


Take a pool noodle and cut up into small rings. Instant fidgets for a bunch of kids!

Velcro - attach one side of velcro under a child’s desk. It’s quick, easy and hidden.

Desk Fidget Tool from Sugar Aunts

Use different textures/fabrics for focus - Attach several different types of fabric/textures (satin, soft & hard side of velcro, corduroy, minky fabric, etc) on a small ruler or cardboard, then stick the whole thing to the underside of a desk

DIY Fidget Bracelet from de Jong dream house

Make homemade stress balls using balloons.

Wrap pipe cleaners around popsicle sticks

Make your own playdough - This is a simple, long lasting recipe from Emma Owl


Mesh and marble fidgets


Small spiky balls


Mad Mattr


Kinetic Sand


Wikki Stix


Stress balls


Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty



different colors equal different strengths of putty


Tangles Fidgets


Twiddle Fidgets




Bike Chain Fidgets


Slap bands with spikes


Pencil topper fidgets


Whatz it fidget


Monkey Ring fidget


Edamame Fidget


Fidget Cube Spinner


Infinity Cube Fidget




Besides Amazon, there are lots of different stores where you can purchase fidgets.

Fun and Function

(they also sell weighted items and other fun stuff too!)

Tangle Fidgets




Fidget Ring

The Fidgety Flower on Etsy

KnotSenseKnots4Tots on Etsy

Therapy Shoppe

If you know of an awesome fidget that’s not on the list, please let me know. I’m always looking to add to my fidget collection!

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