20 Gift Ideas to Help Kids Manage Stress

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I’m always on the lookout for good things kids can use to help combat and manage stress. Here are some of my favorite ideas just in time for the holidays!


Perfect to keep hands busy, they can be used at home or at school or on the go.

Buddha Boards

Use water to write on the surface and then watch it evaporate, leaving a clean slate for you to do again

Hand Trampoline

Sometimes, kids may have an excess of energy, or maybe not enough energy. Movement is a great way for kids to find a good balance in their energy levels. This hand trampoline can help expend extra energy for some kids and can help lower energy kids become more alert. Plus, it's a ton of fun!

Water Beads

Some kids love relaxing with sensory based activities, like playing in a sand tray or with water. Water beads are a fun sensory based activity for kids!

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Being able to squeeze something like putty is such a neat stress reliever. There are so many different versions of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking putty. Some even change colors!

Plasma Car

This is another great way to get kids moving!

Zen Garden

A zen garden is supposed to be simple and uncluttered. Making a zen garden can be a great way to calm down, relax and focus. You can use the rake to make ripples and patterns in the sand, and you can add in the stones as well.

Coloring Books

Coloring has become super popular as a way for both kids and adults to relax and de-stress. I’m partial to the Harry Potter and Doctor Who coloring books, but there are so many to choose from!

Hanging Chair

A great place for kids to relax after a long day.

OgoBild Hub

Using a highly engaging toy that encourages creativity and imagination is a wonderful way to keep children distracted from the stress in their lives. There is no one "right" way to play with it and it can lead to a long play session for your child.


Journaling is a wonderful way to process tough feelings, express emotions, and help you think of different ways of looking at a problem.

Indoor Tent

Perfect for making a calm down spot inside (or outside) your home.


Some kids may struggle at night to relax. It can be helpful to have a calming and soothing night light, like this one.

Gorilla Gym

Sometimes kids need to move, but it may not work for you to go outside. This gym is super durable, and lets kids get their energy out and relieve the stress from their day.

Weighted Blanket

Using a weighted blanket can help with anxiety and stress, and makes it easier for people to fall asleep at night.

Mosaic 728x90

Yogibo bean bag

These are some of the most comfortable bean bags. What a perfect addition to a calm down spot.


For those kids who calm down quickly with some movement. It’s a fun way to move!

Soft Headphones

Great for listening to music or a good audio book!

Deck of Playing Cards

Another coping skill we like to use in our home is a simple deck of cards. My husband likes to shuffle them to keep his hands busy. If we need a quick distraction, we can play solitaire alone or a round of crazy 8’s.

A small container

This box is the perfect place for your child to store their worries after they write down. When they're ready, they can share them with you. Learn more about how to use a worry box by clicking the image below.

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