Book Review: Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals

Inside: A book review of Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals by Angie Voss. This book review is based on the 2nd edition of the book. There is now an expanded 3rd edition available.

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One of my favorite resources to help families who are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder is A Sensory Life, created by Angie Voss. I've worked with a lot of kids who have difficulties with sensory input, and this website had a wealth of information for parents whose kids struggle with sensory issues.

I’m always looking for more resources to share with parents, and I was pleased when she sent me a copy of Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals* to review because after reading it, I knew this would be another fantastic book to add to my resources for families.

The book lists over 200 different sensory signals that a child might demonstrate, for example:

* Socks and Seams Have to Be “Just Right”

* Loves to Walk in Circles

* Craves Fast, Spinning, or Intense Movements

* Difficulty with Transitions

* Changes in Routine Cause Distress

* Does Not Like Washing Hands

* Limp/Floppy Body

* Runs Away or Covers Ears in Response to Loud or Unexpected Sounds

For every sensory signal listed, she gives a sensory explanation for the behaviors and ideas to try.

For the sensory signal:

Hides under Bed, under Table, or in Closet

Angie explains that "cozy spaces minimize auditory and visual input" and "tight spaces provide proprioception to assist in self-regulation.”

She recommends several ideas, including providing a squish box or a sensory retreat or a body sock. The recommendations she gives are practical and are easy to understand, especially since you can go back and use the website to get more information.

If your student or child is struggling with sensory issues, and you’re not sure where to start, I’d recommend getting this book. Just by looking through the list of sensory signals, and reading the ideas, you can get some great ideas to help your child cope with their feelings and self-regulate.

Read this book and visit the website and let me know what you think!

*This review is based on the 2nd edition of the book. There is now a 3rd edition available.


Other Sensory Resources:

If you’re looking for the items Angie mentions, or want to get some other items to help kids with sensory issues, check out They have so many great products!

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